QxBranch Highlighted as a Software Leader in Finance “For the Quantum Future”

MARCH 9, 2017

In an in-depth Technology Quarterly article in The Economist (March 2017) exploring how quantum technology is “beginning to come into its own” and is being put to use now, QxBranch is noted as a leader in the effort working with quantum experts and industry, especially in the finance sector.

QxBranch is described as an innovator in examining how quantum computing technology might improve a firm’s business operations, for example “optimising trading strategies or supply chains,” the article states.

One example The Economist lists is QxBranch’s partnership with Swiss bank UBS on using quantum algorithms in foreign-exchange trading and arbitrage. Hyder Jaffrey, head of Strategic Investments and Fintech Innovation at UBS, is quoted saying he puts quantum computing in the same category as artificial intelligence and blockchains, “all stuff with the potential to change markets.”

The biggest benefit, the article notes, is expected to come from quantum-computing hardware once it arrives. Michael Brett, chief executive of QxBranch, discusses how current business depends on simulating quantum computing hardware on classical machines as accurately as possible. He states that the concept is that when one becomes available… “we just swap out our simulation for the real hardware.”

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